Safeguard Your Brand Online

See 100% of the SERPs. Protect your brand, prevent fraud and budget wastage with Marcode.
Your ultimate online advertising guardian.


Real Time Digital Protection

Monitor and protection across Paid Search, Shopping, and Meta (coming soon), removing brand risks.

Stay Ahead of Fraud with Advanced Detection

Don’t rely on the uncertainty of spotting fraud when it is too late. Marcode's minute-by-minute tracking and site categorisation identify fraudulent activities, instantly alerting you to potential threats.
Regain control and shield your customers from scams.

Defend Against Affiliate Hijacking

Put an end to affiliates exploiting your brand. Marcode's click stream analysis uncovers affiliate schemes that hijack your terms and syphon off commissions.Remove affiliates from your programme who are stealing commission.

Ensure Creative Compliance Across Platforms

Maintain consistent brand messaging and creative integrity across platforms.Marcode's creative compliance monitoring guarantees that your brand's voice remains compliant and right for your audience.

Effortless Reporting of Trademark Infringements

Streamline the process of reporting trademark infringements to Google.With Marcode's automated trademark reporting, a single click is all it takes to initiate actions against those encroaching on your brand's identity.

Tailored Alerts for Timely Action

Stay in the loop with changes that matter. Marcode's custom alerts keep you informed in the way that suits you best. Whether it's email notifications, text messages, or in-app alerts, you'll be the first to know.

Decode Bidding Trends and Messaging

Gain a competitive edge with hourly monitoring of bidding trends and creative messaging. Marcode provides you with insights into your competitors' strategies.

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See how you can use Marcode to protect your brand online

Stopping Fraud

  • Minute-by-minute tracking and site categorisation means you don't have to get lucky and spot affiliates hijacking your brand. You will know immediately.

  • Automatic reporting to Google of anyone using your trademark with the click of a button.

Take Down Affiliates

  • Click stream analysis allows you to uncover affiliates hijacking your terms and stealing commission.

  • ID extraction enables easy removal from affiliate programmes.

Report Infringements

  • One-click reporting to Google of anyone using your trademark with the click of a button.

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From £299

per month

  • Hourly monitoring for 20 keywords

  • Competitor insights

  • Affiliate protection

  • Infringement detection

  • Ad copy intelligence for anyone appearing

  • Email/chat alerts

Coming Soon



  • Competitor keyword monitoring: Understand your competitors' strategy in search

  • Competitor messaging detection: Get alerts when your competition launch campaigns, sales, or discounts

  • Demographic-based crawls: Understand how ads are being personalised with our crawlers that mimic different user profiles

  • Auto pause and launch: campaign stop and start based on competitor bidding


Why choose Marcode?

Founded by Andy and Alec, marketing veterans with extensive experience across agencies, client-side operations, and martech companies. We understand the frustrations of data limitations in a world dominated by automation and AI. Marcode was born from our passion to empower marketers with the data they need, cost-effectively in a great user experience.

Can't I get this data from Auction Insights?

Auction Insights may offer broad data, but it lacks the depth and precision and won’t spot hijacking. Our hourly keyword checks from multiple locations capture every single bidder, the nuance of ad copy and features, how people are bidding and more.Marcode goes way beyond auction insights.

How long do you store the data?

Once you start using Marcode, your data is securely stored indefinitely. Our vision is to curate a comprehensive marketing intelligence database that fuels strategic campaign planning. We leverage cutting-edge technology to make this vision a reality.

What about data on other channels?

Our mission is to decode marketing as it becomes more automated. We will be adding more channels as we go, so stay tuned.

Can I request a feature?

Your insights matter to us. Feel free to share your feature requests and suggestions by emailing We're committed to continuous improvement, driven by your needs.